La Maîtresse des Bêtes et l’Ornithologue

Had an idea for a few short comics for these two characters. One a gentle bird-watcher and the other a fierce and commanding presence in the forest.

Animal Skulls

There’s something voyeuristic about animal skulls. They provide a look into a kind hidden facet we all take for granted. That under the scales, fur, muscle, and skin there lies scaffolding that will be our last legacy.


Before attending her concert last March, this illustration was already in the works. I wanted to capture St-Vincent’s sense of drama and her aptitude to head so many tasks in the songwriting universe. Oh, and how she can make that guitar wail.


This ongoing project explores the dynamics of classic fables and fairy-tales. Good versus evil, fantastic beasts and ordinary people thrust into curious circumstances. Can one force the hand of destiny, or are we all dragged along, at the mercy of events and our own vices?

A Crystal Crown for a Fragmented Prince


I Love Treesomes

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Black LGBT

This series of portraits showcases just a handful of queer black people throughout history. Each a pioneer in their own right, they had to go against societal pressures to stay hidden and silent. The chosen quotes hit upon their other facets such as striving for perfection,  the pursuit of social equality, romanticism and simple irreverent humor….


I’m currently doing super-affordable portrait commissions. If you want one, simply head over to Fiverr and fill out the form. There are meant to be minimal and stark. Something that would fit inside any home or occasion.


Family Skating Party

I was contacted to create a simple event poster for a local MP’s St-Valentines’s skating party. Being given free reign on the design, it seemed pretty self-evident after a couple of preliminary sketches, this layout would be the winner.

The 519 LGBT Valentines Cards

When approached to create illustrations for the 519 community center, I jumped at the chance. The goal was to represent not only love, but the different facets of it. When you have to fight  to love and be loved, you appreciate the small moments witnessed between yourself and others. From the simple and innocent joy to…

At Arm’s Length

Cruel Injury – Twin Bees

Seed & Needle

When asked to design a tattoo for a friend, I jumped at the chance. I already designed my own, why not for someone else? They already had the idea fully fleshed so I only had to work my magic. You can see the final result below.


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Drawing requests



Inktober Week 1

Inktober Week 2

Inktober Week 3

Inktober Week 4

Wedding Portrait

A simple and clean portrait made for friends’ wedding site and invitations.

If You Lose It

Coffee Labels